Simmon’s Farm II


OIL 40 X 30

Thought you all would like to know that “Simmon’s Farm II” shown on the right, is now on view at EBK Framing in West Hartford. Eric, the owner of EBK has a great eye for framing, and of course, a great eye for artwork.

The piece is one of  the last of a series of landscapes that I did, picturing farms and fields in rural Connecticut. I hope to continue with more of the same this year, especially in this larger size that people really seem to enjoy.

Simmon’s farm is on the Farmington/Avon town line. It  is an organic farm and is part of the open space that adds so much to the quality of our lives in central Connecticut. They also have great cows and a farm stand during the growing season. If you are in the area take a drive along Town Farm Road in Farmington or Tillotson Road in Avon, and enjoy the view.

Don’t forget to click on the image for an more detailed view of the picture.

Pumpkin Patch



The latest news is that I was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition.

Not too shabby, as it is a national competition with gazillions of entries!!!  It is so rewarding to have such positive reenforcement at that level.

The piece that was recognized is, “The Pumpkin Patch”.  Done last year in oil on gold leaf, it is a view of the pumpkin patch along Nod Road in Simsbury, CT.   I have always loved the tree that stands sentinel over the field, and this wide view of the tree in all the glorious array of autumn, is especially effective with the gold leaf giving it a glow through the paint.

The work is in a private collection, but keep checking the website for further gold leaf pieces under  “New Work”  or  “Oil on Metal Leaf”

p.s. If you click on the image you will get an enlarged view of the piece.