Show of new work

Many of you have expressed interest in my show of new work at the Avon Library. It is going to be up for the month of June this year.  It is a joint show with my roommate from college … Ashby Carlisle.

Ashby is a sculptor and has an exciting body of work. She is currently working on wall hung sculptures that explore her fascination with the natural world of plant life.
She uses her expertise with paper, clay, and metal to create unique visions that draw one into her world. At the same time she plucks words and language from the cursive illusion  of vines and roots and makes one question where words go once they are spoken.
I encourage you to go to her web site  to learn more about her work.

We decided to call our show … MIXING IT UP … Our work resonates well together, and creates a nice visual treat when viewed side by side … an unanticipated melding of flavors.

While Ashby’s work is more abstract than mine, it is complimentary in her use of color and line. In addition, because her work is 3 dimensional, it creates a sense of movement and allows her to explore negative space … as do my 2 dimensional pieces.

We also discovered that we were both working toward a more whimsical artistic vision during this past year.  That is not to say that the work has become fantastical, rather that it does not always present a vision of the real world.
Color has become an unexpected player in challenging ways. Line has taken on new forms that weren’t supposed to be that way.
And space has been manipulated to illustrate a different world … a world that is more uniquely ours.
It has been exciting to expand our artistic horizons in this way.

I have not abandoned representational work, but now work only from memory. This allows me to paint what is in my mind’s eye, rather than the the camera’s eye. The result has been a more challenging portfolio of images.

The show will be hung in the gallery of the Avon Library from May 30th through June 29th and can be viewed anytime during regular Library hours.

Our reception will be June 1st from 4.30 to 7.

We are looking forward to sharing our new work with you all.