Here at the studio, I am working on a second tessera canvas. This one … pictured above … is still a work in progress, but is nearing completion.

The work is composed primarily of tessera from one painting that was chopped into pieces and reconfigured into an entirely new image, but it is nevertheless a reflection of the original work. Tessera from other paintings have been added, and like bits of memories that we call on to help us when telling a story, the new bits add depth and interest to the original. So too do the traumas, and joys and grief and love that we experience add color and texture to our memories.

While working on this piece, it was struck by how this image is like my interior vision of myself. I always seem to be stitching together a new version of myself to present to the outside world. Whatever it is I piece together might look solid and cohesive, but is in fact cobbled together with bits and pieces that have washed up on the shore of my life. I would suppose that most people find this to be true. But then again, maybe not.  Maybe it is just that I have the time to mull over all this existential dreck while cutting up old canvases.

The Later Years of Italian Putti II


OIL 24 X 18

I just received notification that I was a finalist in the Artist Magazine Annual Competition. This piece was entered in the Abstract & Experimental category.

I was a finalist last year in the landscape category and am really psyched that I have, yet again, achieved recognition at such a high level. The winners will be featured in the December issue of the magazine, and my name will be listed.

Titled “The Later Years of Italian Putti II”, it is one of a series that I have been working on using palette knife and an underlying diagonal grid. I am really happy that this piece placed well in the competition, as it represents the direction that  I am moving in my artistic development.

Don’t forget to click on the image to view more detail.

Pumpkin Patch



The latest news is that I was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition.

Not too shabby, as it is a national competition with gazillions of entries!!!  It is so rewarding to have such positive reenforcement at that level.

The piece that was recognized is, “The Pumpkin Patch”.  Done last year in oil on gold leaf, it is a view of the pumpkin patch along Nod Road in Simsbury, CT.   I have always loved the tree that stands sentinel over the field, and this wide view of the tree in all the glorious array of autumn, is especially effective with the gold leaf giving it a glow through the paint.

The work is in a private collection, but keep checking the website for further gold leaf pieces under  “New Work”  or  “Oil on Metal Leaf”

p.s. If you click on the image you will get an enlarged view of the piece.