Art Show Extended Through July 2017



Ashby and I are really pleased with our co-operative show of paintings and sculpture in the Gallery of the Avon Pubic Library.

It looks fabulous !!! even if I do say so myself.

We are both blown away by the magical effect of our works hanging together.

If you have not yet been able to get by to view the show, I encourage you to make the time to stop in and enjoy the truly amazing effect of two artistic visions meeting.

The combination of Ashby’s and my work creates a wonderful synergy that enhances both my paintings and her sculptures.

In fact, it turns out that you will have some extra time to get in to see the show.

We have been asked to extend the show through the month of July. 

So put it on your calendar and stop by during regular library hours.

For those of you that purchased work, I will plan to switch out your pieces at the end of June so that you can arrange to pick up your paintings.

I am actually hoping to produce some new work in similar sizes to those that have sold, in order to be able to make the change-over seamless.

We will wait to see how that works.