24 X 30

This is where the night takes on the heat of the tropics and the stillness of distance. When one’s imagination makes anything possible, and one needn’t purchase a ticket to travel to another world.

On some super warm nights when our cool northern climes heat up and the humidity becomes tropical, one can imagine a warm vermillion blanket cast over the moon. And it is not hard to imagine a remote world, where the air has weight, and life moves at a slower pace. At the end of a long day of heat and humidity, the stillness of the world at rest is profound. To be out on such a night is magical.

This is another of my tesserae works. Here I started with an old painting, added the tessera pieces, and then used charcoal to enhance the shadows. The whole face was then sealed, and bright gold paint added on top of the sealed surface to cast moon shadows over both the landscape and the vermillion blanket.