This quiet Sunday morning landscape, harks back to the time when everything centered on the life of the church and the grandeur of God’d gifts. On Sundays, nothing was open except the sanctuary doors. And the world stopped to pay its respects.
Peace and an all encompassing sense of being part of a bigger world were served up with the rituals and community news.
But, this piece is also a statement about the human condition.
What is it like to be alone in a landscape with forces moving underneath and around us?
Yes, we are truly alone, but we gain insight from the world around us. And while nature would appear to be solid and at rest, in fact we alter and limit it as we take it in. It is only that particular individual that carries that particular landscape and uses it to form that particular memory. No one else is able to view it in the same way. We alone have access to the images that create our memories.
What a gift to be given on a quiet Sunday Morning.